This blog will initially be about the release of my new book “In Between the Lines – Book Two: Perspectives on Writing Inspired Music”, which has been in the works for a very long time.  17 years!!

But it will also include all the various activities that I am involved in, mainly those that deal with music and creativity.  

I will post various articles and observations, but more so, I hope to engage in dialogues with folks who want to discuss various parts of the new “Book Two”, as there is a lot in it and there are many people who write music that I would be happy to hear from… to toss ideas around.

Here’s the book cover…


 and if you go my website you will see various links and so forth about this new book… and you can download the FREE PDF files that allows you to ready the whole of Chapter 1.  You can also find a link to a version of the book on Kindle, which was a great deal of fun setting up (actually wasn’t too bad).

I’m going to leave off here as I’m just doing a million things related to the book’s release/launch, and starting this blog was one of them…